Shanghai Hualian low voltage electrical appliance Co., Ltd. (formerly called Shanghai Hualian low voltage electrical appliance factory). Built in late 80s, it is located in Songjiang Industrial Park, Shanghai. Enterprises in Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute for technical support, set design, production, manufacturing, sales and service as a whole, is the production of low-voltage electrical components of professional manufacturers, belonging to Chinese Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai electrical association. Its product sales all over the country, in many key projects in the country are selected our products.


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高温易燃 接线板不要插过多电器

天气炎热,火警也多。杭州市公安消防局总结分析了酷热天气下的火情,以最近三天的出警为例: 8月8日早8点至9日早8点,杭州市区(包括余杭、萧山)共发生火警42起,和高温天有关的火情包括:居民楼起火4起、汽车自燃6起、空调外机起火1起、电线起火6起、电表起火1起、绿化起火3起; 8月7日早8点至8日早8点,市区火警43起,居民楼起火5起、汽车自燃7起、电动车起火2起、空调外机起火1起、电...
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